Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Price query and quotes

The client sends a price query that includes preliminary information about the requested bus trip. The price query must include the approximate route, the point of departure and destination of the trip and the number of passengers. An e-mail or price query can be sent from the website of AS GoBus by filling in the form provided.
The client manager of AS GoBus specifies the details of the trip where necessary and sends the quote.


  • Buses and coaches can be ordered on the basis of the order letter or quote confirmation (e-mail or order form from the website of AS GoBus) sent by the client.
  • The request is executed on the basis of the confirmation given by AS GoBus in a format that can be reproduced in writing.
  • An hourly rate will be added to the daily price for each additional hour if the length of use of the bus or coach exceeds 10 hours.
  • An additional fee must be paid according to the price list for each extra kilometre if the number of kilometres indicated in the written confirmation is exceeded.
  • The daily prices do not include the price of the driver’s accommodation.
  • All prices are in euros and include VAT at the rate established in valid legislation.
  • Foreign transfers and foreign trips are subject to 0% VAT (pursuant to clauses 10 (4) 4) and 15 (4) 13) of the Value Added Tax Act).
  • The duration of a trip is calculated to an accuracy of half hour. Time under half hour is calculated as half hour and time over half hour is calculated as one hour.
  • The driver’s accommodation, parking fees, visa expenses, bridge tolls, insurance, ferry tickets, etc., will be added to the price if necessary.
  • The expenses of the second driver (wages, travelling expenses, accommodation, ferry tickets, etc.) will be added in the case of long trips and foreign trips when the nature of the trip requires the use of two drivers pursuant to the Working and Rest Time Act.
  • Please inform us of changes to or cancellation of your order in writing at least as soon as possible.


  • AS GoBus issues a prepayment invoice with the order confirmation to the legal entities and private persons who have not entered into a contract.
  • AS GoBus has the right to charge 0.5% default interest for each day of delay on overdue amounts.
  • Payment can be made by transfer.

Cancellation of orders

  • The client has the right to cancel or amend their order by notifying AS GoBus about this in writing.
  • AS GoBus reserves the right to request payment of a cancellation or amendment fee as indicated below.
  • 30% of the order must be paid 5-3 working days before the time of the trip
  • 60% of the order must be paid 2-0 working days before the time of the trip