Public Transport Card

Public Transport Card

All contactless public transport cards can be used to prove the right to use public transport and to discounts on the county and long-distance buses/coaches of Go Bus irrespective of the route or the passenger’s place of residence.

In order to use the public transport routes that are free of charge, a passenger must have a personalised Public Transport Card, which they must validate after informing the driver about their destination.

The Public Transport Card can be used for the following:

  • to validate the use of a free bus route;
  • to buy a ticket on the long-distance routes of Go Bus for the money transferred to the card from the driver or online with a 5% discount.

Where can you purchase a Public Transport Card?

  • Public Transport Cards cost €2 and can be purchased on the long-distance and county buses of Go Bus.
  • The full list of the places where you can buy a Public Transport Card is here (under “Points of Sale”).
  • How can you add money to the Public Transport Card?
  • You can do it online, with your mobile or at the places that sell the cards. You will find the instructions here.
  • On the buses of Go Bus, the driver will add money to the card by 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 euros (excl. the buses on Harju County routes, where money cannot be added to the card).

Do I have to personalise my Public Transport Card?

  • You don’t have to personalise your Public Transport Card if you want to travel on the long-distance routes of Go Bus and get a 5% discount.
  • You don’t have to personalise your card to validate your trip on free routes.
  • More information about personalisation here.

General Terms & Conditions

Lost, stolen or damaged Public Transport Cards can be closed. The money and tickets that were on a personalised Public Transport Card will be automatically transferred when the new card is personalised and you only have to pay €2 for the new card. Any money that was on a non-personalised card will not be refunded.

  • If the Public Transport Card or the cash terminal on the bus is not working, the passenger must buy a ticket from the driver for cash.
  • AS GoBus has the right to amend its terms and conditions of use of Public Transport Card by giving the notifying the public about this in advance within reasonable time.
  • The personal data when a Public Transport Card is requested are protected and they are processed according to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. More information about data processing: The controller of the data is Ridango AS (Järvevana tee 7B, 10132 Tallinn).

More information about Public Transport Cards is available in the portal


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