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Urban Routes

Urban Routes

The urban routes in Tartu are served by AS GoBus since 1 July 2019. According to the transport contract made between the City of Tartu and AS GoBus, we will be serving passengers on the urban routes with 64 of the most modern low-floor gas-fuelled buses with air-conditioning, which can be accessed with prams, pushchairs and wheelchairs. This is the biggest bus procurement in the history of Tartu, which focuses on service quality, comfort and environmental conservation. It guarantees comfortable and environmentally friendly public transport for the people of Tartu from 2019-2029. The Tartu City Government decides the number and design of routes, the locations of bus stops, the timetables and ticket prices. Further information:


Jun 2019 - Go Bus starts serving Tartu

The new environmentally friendly gas-fuelled buses of Go Bus start serving people on Tartu urban routes on 1 July.

May 2019 - Alexela finishes building its CNG station

Alexela finishes its new CNG station, which will serve the buses of the City of Tartu with environmentally friendly fuel.

May 2019 - All gas-fuelled buses have arrived

All new gas-fuelled buses have arrived by June.

Mar 2019 - The plan of the route network is completed

The City of Tartu gives the plan of the route network to the City of Tartu.

Feb 2019 - Go Bus receives the first bus

Scania Estonia delivers the first bus to Go Bus. The bus company starts test-driving the bus.  Read more.

Jan 2019 - The first gas-fuelled bus arrives in Tartu

The first gas-fuelled bus arrives in Tartu. The majority of the 64 new buses arrive in March.  Read more.

Jan 2019 - Seeing how the buses are made

A local delegation goes to Poland to see how the buses are made. Read more.

Dec 2018 - Permission to build a CNG station

The Tartu City Government grants the permission to build a CNG station in the territory of the bus park by Ringtee.  Read more.

Jun 2018 - A contract is entered into with Alexela

Go Bus and Alexela enter into a contract for the establishment of a CNG station for the buses to be used on urban routes in Tartu. Read more.

Mar 2018 - A contract is entered into with Scania

Go Bus enters into a contract with Scania and orders 64 gas-fuelled buses with air-conditioning, 45 of which are 12-m and 19 are 18-m articulated buses.

Jan 2018 - The contract is signed

The City of Tartu and AS GoBus sign a 10-year contract for regular bus services, which costs 66 million euros in total.  Read more.

Jan 2018 - Final victory for Go Bus

The Supreme Court declares Go Bus the winner of the procurement. read more.

Jun 2017 - Go Bus wins the procurement

The City of Tartu declares Go Bus the winner of the procurement. The award of the public contract is delayed because of legal disputes.  Read more.

Dec 2016 - Tartu announces a procurement

The Tartu City Government announces a public procurement to find the provider of regular bus services in Tartu.

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