Pärnu County

Pärnu County

We serve the public bus routes of the Lihula region in Pärnu County on the basis of the public service contract entered into with the Pärnu County Public Transport Centre from 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2026.

The Pärnu County Public Transport Centre decides the number and design of the bus routes, the locations of bus stops and the timetable.

Timetables and route information: www.peatus.ee.

Information about Public Transport Card: www.pilet.ee.

Information about changes in routes on the website of the public transport centre: www.pytk.ee.

Information about disruptions in routes and lost items: infoliin@gobus.ee or by telephone on +372 640 4000.


Telephone: +372 640 4000
E-mail: infoliin@gobus.ee